Thursday, November 29, 2007


Completed the pink purse / tissue pouch last week. Now left with sewing in a zip... Here's how it looks!

Am going to resume knitting the shoulder warmer for the time being again ..

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Whiz away !

I was away in Shenzhen China last week. Did not get to knit anything over the one week stay.

While I was in Shenzhen, visited the Dongmen area in Luohu District. In the Dongmen area, found lots of wholesale centre selling wool at the basement of the shopping centres - literary underground shopping centres! The wool were cotton ones in particular! and were rather cute too - most of the wool were little round pom-pom balls of wool!

Shop proprietors were selling these cotton wool in bulk prices and were also busy knitting away some of their wool to produce things like knitted caps, hats, toe socks and wool slip-ons to be put on sale. After much bargaining, we manage to get a grey and white colour cotton knitted hat at a rock bottom price of RMB15 (approx S$3) ! Due to time constraints, I was unable to bring back some of the wool... maybe next trip.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Its Sun Festival here!

The "Sun Festival" was here in Singapore! This was an event organised to celebrate the Arts, to appreciate the art of living well, a feast for the senses, and to have an experience of a lifetime.. It was a 2 week event from 18 - 30 Oct 2007. Events like film, literature, visual arts, cuisine and wellness abound for you to pick and join.

My hubby and me went for the free outdoor movie screening at the Botanic Gardens on last Saturday, 27 Oct 2007. They were screening "Under the Tuscan Sun" by Diane Lane (playing the role of "Frances Mayes" so I brought along my knitting to do. It has to be some easy knit... hence I started to do the simple square again with the final aim to do a pouch :

Knit 25 stitches
Purl 25 stitches
Knit 25 stitches
Purl 25 stitches...
To continue till the piece measures about 20-30cm in length
After that, to turn the piece inside out and sew up the sides, leaving the top side to sew in a zip.

This was the piece brought back..

The movie was great and we had a fun time having an outdoor picnic having our packed food for dinner!! Plus having time to knit.. it was great fun! Cant wait to have another outdoor picnic like this again...