Friday, May 30, 2008

Away in Bangkok, Thailand

Its been a busy month and I did not even get to update my blog since so many weeks passed! Had a short break at Bangkok, Thailand last week and did not get to touch any of my knitting for this while. Decided against bringing my needles on board the plane, as I really do not know whether they are allowed given the strict flight restrictions (plus I was taking a budget airline and you never know they may ask you to dump your needles and wool before you board the plane at the security checkpoint) - I wouldnt risk my knitting stuff like this!

Visited Bangkok famous Chatuchak Weekend Market (or JJ market as affectionately known) where I spotted some clever handcrafters churning out nice wool stuff e.g. hats and toys. These markets are the testbed and grounds of many talented new crafters & ingenious people, so beware and take a look while you are there in the country!

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