Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lovely buttons

Look what I've got from the market! Some lovely buttons. Intend to buy them in anticipation of my next little knitting project and to have them sewn on to it - probably on the next little purse or a pouch or bag! Been also looking around for suitable wool. My considerations on ordering wool from overseas is that shipping will probably need to take 3 weeks or so. For faster turnaround time, it might be better for me to go and hunt around the yarn shops downtown. The problem here we face is that yarn shops are not aplenty so we dont have many choice when it comes to buying wool. I will still have to make a trip to see what wool I can get from the few yarn shops that I know of ... at Spotlight or probably Golden Dragon Store.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Knitalong inspiration!

Been looking around for Knitalongs (KAL) to join for some knitting inspiration ... as that's what I had resolve to do this year. Guess what I found? A whole list of information at in case you are interested too.

Wanted to join the Socks-Knit-Along 5 but its already closed. What a pity! It appears there is still 15 open invites so there may still be a chance that if the 15 dont respond, it will be open to others on the waiting list. So I may still stand a chance if I register... or else I will wait till March when it opens again. Oh well.

Also stumbled onto the "Complete Jane Austen Knitalong" blog pretty interesting. Its more for Jane Austen fans out there. You get an episode installment every week to watch and knit together. Then share your comments as you knit. Interesting! But pity I am not really a Jane Austen fan so I may just drop by when I need a dosage of Jane Austen.

Monday, January 7, 2008

A good start to 2008

Here's to the new year and a good calm start to 2008! Before you know it, its already the 7th day into Year 2008. One week to be exact, with christmas and new year celebrations all over. I had the chance to take a good break at the start of the year to rest and reflect on what I have done for the past one year. What about you?
Soul-searching with your partner?
What lies on the road ahead?
For now, its back to knitting on my scarf. Got to finish it soon and embark on a new project ...

During the holiday break, found some nice free knitting patterns. Have listed them in the "Knit Patterns I like" on the Left. Do check them out and leave me a note if you manage to get yourself going on one of these patterns and how its been progressing so far!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Its a dog's life in 2007.. Welcome 2008!

Photo of Bulldog Wang, courtesy of 3rd bro

Its been a dog's life rushing things through in year 2007 ... and thats where it all ends... amidst minutes of cheering and seconds of fireworks in the sky for us Singaporeans at the Marina waterfront and at Vivocity's countdown!

May 2008 be a year where all wishes be fulfilled and goals be accomplished !

My New Year Resolutions are to:

1. start on knitting a pair of socks

2. make a nice little gift (booties?) for my newborn-niece-to-be by March 08

3. complete my knit projects at least 4 within this year

4. sign up for a knit club/ get a membership so as to accomplish #3. Refer above.