Monday, January 7, 2008

A good start to 2008

Here's to the new year and a good calm start to 2008! Before you know it, its already the 7th day into Year 2008. One week to be exact, with christmas and new year celebrations all over. I had the chance to take a good break at the start of the year to rest and reflect on what I have done for the past one year. What about you?
Soul-searching with your partner?
What lies on the road ahead?
For now, its back to knitting on my scarf. Got to finish it soon and embark on a new project ...

During the holiday break, found some nice free knitting patterns. Have listed them in the "Knit Patterns I like" on the Left. Do check them out and leave me a note if you manage to get yourself going on one of these patterns and how its been progressing so far!

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