Thursday, August 28, 2008

Little Tweety

A little green bird came by our house last week. We were so excited when we saw it sitting on our window. Dad caught it and put it in a cage we previously housed our tortoise. Lovely little thing! It was green in colour and with a yellow beak, face was in another tone. There were blue feathers at the back. We called it “Tweet Tweet” as it chirps in that manner!

We later realised that this is the peach-faced love-bird species. Seeing the lovely bird, we could not bear to put in the tortoise cage so we spent S$10 buying a bird cage. We spent a day playing with it and feeding it with sunflower seeds and fruits. It was so happy in the new bird cage!

After a few days, we brought Tweet Tweet out and seeing how happy it was when it saw the blue sky, we decide to let it go… with regrets!

O little Tweet Tweet, we miss you so!

If you have time and recognise our apartment, do pay us a visit again some day!

Till we meet again…

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