Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We are turning one!

Handknitter Craft Journal turns one on 8 October 2008! Hooray!

Its been a quick one year and we made it! Happy 1st anniversary!

This year has not been an especially eventful one. Been quite a quiet year, in fact. Not many knit works in progress this year and still have many works down the pipeline pending accomplishment. The list goes as follows:
1) my first pair of blue knit socks which I am still stuck with the 2nd pair

2) my beige shoulder warmer about 3/4 done but yet to complete

3) sewing up a third small pink pouch that i intend to give as a xmas present during year end to my friend and intend to knit up a few more for my colleagues

4) have to start knitting my xmas gifts - planning to do a small kerchief (pattern found inside my recent purchased book titled "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" from ....

So to sum it up, this has been quite a year of knitting bad debts!!

However, with this new start, I vow to get all these done up quickly and I hope to complete them within this year. May the knitting force be with me !!!

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