Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Get finger puppets for a good cause!

Safari Set!

Look at these cute finger puppets! Handmade from Peru Puppets. Wanting to learn how to make some cute little finger puppets and surfed to the site of Peru Puppets ... wish I can knit those cuties. Anyway, if we cant do that yet, maybe can get some from Peru Puppets for a good cause ..

Read that these puppets are handcrafted by the disadvantaged and disabled women in Peru. Buying the puppets will make great, socially responsible gifts as they provide fairly compensated earnings to these women. They are also true "fair trade" products. And, for each puppet or doll that you purchase, Peru Puppets donate an additional one dollar to the non-profit cooperatives that have made these cute puppets and dolls. So, for those who love cute finger puppets, you may want to feed your soul while disadvantaged women in Peru feed themselves and their families!

Dog Lovers' Set

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